ANS FabriX® Features And Benefits

ANS FabriX® Features and Benefits

Aunigma’s ANS FabriX solution suite represents years of R&D to address the most plaguing cyber security and networking issues today, and those yet to be encountered. The result is Aunigma can orchestrate solutions through our novel combination of Software Defined technologies to meet the most demanding IT security and operational disrupting pain points.

Our “solution” approach  alleviates dependencies on broken or compromised legacy network protocols by uniquely coupling ANS FabriX functionality to layers 2, 3, & 4 of the IP stack while supporting uninterruptible, flexible and stealth operations across any infrastructure design.  ANS FabriX is the world’s most feature/function rich and simplified security and networking solution which:

  • Is a Drop-In solution requiring no changes to existing infrastructure or operational processes:
    • Implemented without change in operational processes or infrastructure,
    • Select either currently used encryption standards without alteration or opt for another data transport protection solution;
  • Eliminates threat vectors associated with legacy TCP/IP Suite protocols (e.g. SSL/TLS, PKI/CA/IKE, IPSec/NETKEY, NAT/DNAT/SNAT, DNS/SDNS, RADIUS, TAVACS+, VNC, NAT, and much more).
  • Eliminates risks associated with:
    • security exposures inherent with logical connectivity,
    • outside exposures due to invisible ANS Security Zones,
    • most common non-physical attack vectors (e.g. man-in-the-middle, snooping, eaves dropping, side-channel, hijacking, piggybacking, phishing, brute force, DoS/DDoS/APDoS, system/server/service hopping, and more);
  • Is device platform or topology agnostic (SDN/NFV, Virtual or Physical architecture in both legacy and cloud infrastructures);
  • Capable of protecting resource robust to resource constraint legacy or modern devices (i.e. ICS & mobile) with simple to deploy/live update capability;
  • On-demand session based communications utilizes only the bandwidth necessary thereby optimizing bandwidth utilization;
  • Provides intrinsic packet, session and security zone (segment) level protection;
  • Enables focus on remaining attack vectors to maximize security spend;
  • Provides unmatched level of information or system Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability across the control/administration plane;
  • Provides real-time nodal Syslog’s offer status/event visualization and seamless network management SIEM tool integration;
  • Is Traffic managed with current network tools;
  • Supports High-Availability / scalability platforms; and
  • Provides optional “Bump-in-the-Wire” and “Bent-Pipe” functional offerings to integrate the whole network topology!

ANS FabriX benefits create a compelling value proposition for businesses using legacy TCP/IP Suite based products or services that are exposed to risks from common disruptive vulnerabilities, threats or attacks. Among the quantifiable benefits are:

  • Meeting or exceeding government or business compliance requirements;
  • Improved network utilization and QoS;
  • Means to cost effectively migrate from legacy systems/applications while protecting their current operability;
  • Dynamically adaptive solution that is easy to implement and manage;
  • Reduction in the network logging white noise clutter or “false positive” intrusion alarms;
  • Requires minimal IT resources or skills to operate —
    • Fully automated solution once deployed;
    • Eases network load with on-demand sessions;
    • Integrates seamlessly with current network management and SIEM tools or systems;
    • Highly suitable for protecting legacy while migrating to modern infrastructure, and
    • Offers easy and swift update or roll-back to prior state during deployment or operation to minimize operational disruptions!

ANS Fabrix offers ‘Outside-the-Box Dynamic & Proactive Technology’ with major differentiators where no other vendor:

  • Offers simple to operate low-level network authentication security with the ability to sustain operational level communication while under attack.
  • Offers non-disruptive seamless integration without changing existing infrastructure or operational processes.
  • Has automated ANS Dynamic Adaptive Defense capability to thwart attack against a command and control communication layer breach.
  • Has polymorphic, topology agnostic and adaptive ANS Security Zones.
  • Has the ability to provide highly accurate Real-Time situational awareness of the protected nodes.
  • Can secure the SDN (NFV) Controller Plane as defined by the Open Network Foundations – Security Principles and Practices.
  • Provides a suite of future proof technologies to meet your needs today!

ANS FabriX solution holistically provides:

  • Advanced, Software Defined drop-in solution that establishes low-level authenticated communications between ANS Agent Nodes agnostic to network topology (local, datacenter, cloud …);
  • Operationally sustainable network communications under attack and reduced operational run costs;
  • Transition from legacy to future at your strategic pace while protecting against common cyber-risks; and
  • Integrates with current Network Management Systems and network operational processes.

The primary benefits of value realization will be through the degree of threats and their risks that are mitigated, leaving one primary attack vector, the physical device. This vector will be persistent in nearly all situations and can only be addressed through strict policy enforcement and comprehensive monitoring.