ANS FabriXTM — The Total Solution

ANS FabriX is an evolutionary secure software defined fabric (SSDF) solution culminating from years of intense R&D by Aunigma Network Solutions. This Dynamic Adaptive Darknet (DAD) is built on PacketLok, SFL and several other cutting-edge security and network management features and functions to bring the enterprise network real-time: dynamic operations and feedback, adaptive behavior and stealth operation.

The DAD platform is a command and control network that provides unparalleled network access control (NAC) and intrusion prevention (IP) to close out potential attackers. ANS FabriX also allows flexible framework functionalities that are adaptive to changing needs of the user’s network, whether it is a legacy topology or an evolving framework like SDN , SDP and SD-WAN. When these capabilities are combined with the stealth operation of Aunigma’s next generation darknet, ANS FabriX locks down the enterprise network. We keep the bad guys out and let the good guys in…even during an attack!

Implementation and Management

Deploying an ANS FabriX protected network is fairly simple. ANS FabriX Agents (ANS Agent) are installed on client devices (ANS Client) requiring resources (e.g. PCs, mobile devices, nodes or other end-points) and on server devices (ANS Server) that provide resources (e.g. virtual or physical servers, or other applications). Deployed ANS Clients and ANS Servers are managed from the ANS FabriX Controller Agent (ANS Controller). ANS Agents register and connect with the ANS Controller. When the ANS Controller receives a communication request, the controller contacts the associated ANS Agents and opens communication channels. Once the channels are open, the ANS Server and ANS Client perform the on-demand exchange of information and then notify the ANS Controller the channels are no longer needed. The ANS Controller closes the assigned channels to maintain security protection.

In this model, ANS Controllers simply drop all IPv4 / IPv6 and any non-authenticated traffic while consuming very nominal resource overhead unlike the high overhead resource shedding technique deployed in other solutions. When ANS Agents properly authenticate with the ANS Controller, the controller dynamically updates the FabriX Agent’s firewall white-list to allow only authenticated communications. Registered end-points (ANS Nodes) can access registered servers services only while the communication channel is open. In the event of a fault in communications, the ANS Controller monitors each ANS Agent’s activity to fail-closed any unused or unreachable ANS Node channels.

ANS FabriX may include the ANS FabriX Engineering Console Agent (ANS Console) to generate pre-configured or on-demand configured ANS Agents for deployment to all ANS Nodes. Ongoing operations may use syslog and a real-time GUI that provides enhanced, customizable network visibility which offers significantly reduced false positives, near real-time, alert data.

In summary, ANS FabriX provides unparalleled, at wire-speed, authentication security and ease of management while enabling the user to configure and reconfigure network access anyway they require. This is truly an operational solution to a serious risk of threats experienced by every organization daily.


Performance with Flexibility

ANS FabriX is horizontal and holds unlimited possibilities to secure and improve IP-based communications.

As the illustration below indicates, ANS FabriX is compatible with current and future computing environments and can provide the basis for applications directed at numerous industry segments:Flowchart 1.jpg