What operating systems does ANS FabriX work within?

Currently, ANS FabriX supports Windows/Linux Server, Windows/Linux/Mac.

Is ANS FabriX compatible with current legacy network applications?

Yes, ANS FabriX can be added to existing network topologies providing an additional layer of security functions and network connectivity features.

How is the ANS FabriX solution installed and updated?

All software and/or firmware is designed to be remotely installed and updated. ANS FabriX is a real-time nodal based solution which efficiently and securely pushes out configurations and updates by either the Engineering or Administration Console. This function can be handled by the customer or by Aunigma, if the customer desires and provides access to their network.

Does ANS FabriX add latency to my existing network?

No. ANS FabriX is a real-time access control system. Based on the design of our solution, users should experience the same or better connectivity results. Legacy application layer data transport speeds would remain the same unless under attack, in which a user should experience better results.

Is ANS FabriX Open Source?

No. At this time our products are not open source.

Which operating expenses will be the most affected by using Aunigma’s technologies?

Exact savings will depend on the user’s specific use cases. In some instances, consolidation of functions enabled by our technology may yield the most savings. In others like large server farms and data centers, reduced power consumption may provide the greatest savings.

How much storage space is needed for ANS FabriX?

For non-server devices, Aunigma’s ultra-thin single executable has a very small footprint: less than 5MB drive space for data and under 2MB memory on a client.  Depending on configuration, servers will require the same amount of RAM and ROM at a minimum.

What happens if a device is lost or stolen?

The credentials required to access the user network are not stored on a single device. Therefore, one factor required for access is not available. Once the missing device is reported to the administrator, the client node is deleted across the network in real-time.

Is ANS FabriX a patented technology?

Yes, but ANS FabriX is actually a combination of technologies protected by patents.  Refer to our Patent Information page for further details.

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