Global Technology Services Agreement

Aunigma has entered into a joint development agreement with a global leader in providing transformational information technology (IT) solutions and services.

The global multi-year agreement will position each company to rapidly customize and deliver best-in-class security solutions for its respective customers using Aunigma’s patented ANS FabriX® platform.

CEO Kenneth Garrard stated, “This global engagement validates the need and effectiveness of Aunigma’s offerings in the enterprise security and networking marketplace.  By teaming with one of the world’s most formidable services and technology solutions providers, our collective customers will significantly benefit from the turnkey technology and delivery capabilities throughout the entire engagement process.”

Please check back for more information on this significant development in Aunigma’s business operations. Additional details will be released in the near future.

NS FabriX is Aunigma’s solution that combines ANS PacketLok® and other proprietary mechanisms in our suite of protocols that is simple to deploy, configure and manage ANS FabriX Security Zones™. Our truly visionary solution provides unmatched authentication at the wire which enables a level of security that makes communication invisible, a process that was once thought to be unattainable. ANS FabriX performance attributes inherent with our technology operate in a wide variety of hardware environments.

cloud-in-handANS FabriX benefits creates a compelling value proposition for businesses using legacy IP Suite products or services that are exposed to common disruptive vulnerabilities, threats or attacks.

The primary benefits of value realization will be through the degree of threats and their risks that are mitigated, leaving one primary attack vector, the physical device… This vector will be persistent in nearly all situations and can only be address through strict policy enforcement and comprehensive monitoring. ANS FabriX is not the end-all solution or silver bullet, it is a bullet with a whole lot of silver…. We keep the bad guys out while allowing the good guys access…. With a future proof solution!