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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to protect your perimeter and everything else.

Ken Garrard, CEO and President

Ken Garrard, CEO and President, has over 29 years of experience with corporate and start-up technology companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Auburn University. Mr. Garrard gained early corporate experience while working for General Signal, Schlumberger and Cellnet, dealing primarily  with various management information system offerings. Since 1992, he has been an inventor, investor, four-time serial entrepreneur, and consultant in several areas of disruptive and cutting-edge technologies. His first company, Visionspan, designed, built and marketed MMDS/ITFS systems and was ultimately purchased by Bellsouth in 1998. Mr. Garrard’s next venture, Telemetry Technologies Inc., which designed, manufactured and marketed wireless telemetry products, incorporated in 1999. TTI was later sold to Metrix Communications in 2002.  That same year, he founded BlueSpan Communications Corp., which designed, built and marketed AMR systems to electric utilities. Mr. Garrard’s multidiscipline expertise in management, business development, telecommunications, and engineering provides Aunigma’s core leadership.

Karl Elliot, Chief Technology Officer

Karl Elliott, Chief Technology Officer, is a 35-year seasoned businessman and inventor with numerous technology developments to his credit in the IT and process controls arena. His career history includes serving as an executive technology consultant to several international Fortune 500 companies, such as Crane Corp and Exxon. He is also a Founder, Co-founder and CTO to several successful high tech start-ups. Mr. Elliott’s vast experience in information technology, management and consulting anchors Aunigma’s technology initiatives.

Edgar Reynolds

Edgar Reynolds has been in the wireless industry for 16 years and has over 37 years of experience in telecommunications. Prior to serving as Chairman of nsoro, he was President of Network Services for AT&T Mobility, the largest wireless carrier in the U. S. Earlier Mr. Reynolds was President of BellSouth Wireless, American Cellular Communications Corporation, BellSouth Mobility DCS and BellSouth Mobility. During that time he served on the boards of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association and the GSM Association for North America. Since retiring from AT&T in 2007, he has remained active in the wireless industry by advising several domestic and international companies. In August 2012, Mr. Reynolds was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to the Board of Directors for the First Responder Network Authority, which is charged by Congress to establish and operate a single, seamless, nationwide wireless broadband network to serve all First Responders (Law enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, and others). He currently serves on the Industrial Advisory Board for ECE, the Wireless Advisory Board, and the Alumni Engineering Council at Auburn University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Mr. Reynolds also holds an MBA from the University of Alabama and is a member of the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame.