Today’s evolving communications and computer infrastructure presents a challenging environment for government, business and individual consumers alike.  Given the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks on networks of all sizes and locations, a breach is almost guaranteed unless the right security solution is in place. An incident can put important company, employee and customer information at risk of being stolen or misused, thus leading to costly ramifications for the victim.

Aunigma Network Solutions Corp., a growing IT company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia USA, was founded by veteran wireless communication entrepreneurs to address these challenges for new generation Internet Protocol (IP) connections.

Aunigma offers protection, privacy and performance at a level previously thought unattainable. With worldwide exclusive rights to the forefront of innovation from Auburn University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Aunigma has developed the best intellectual property available into PacketLok—a revolutionary and disruptive technology that provides universal network connectivity that is dynamically secure, versatile and high performance.

We envision our core technologies and methods becoming a de facto platform for protection, privacy, performance and flexibility over IP-based communications. The offerings developed by Aunigma provide unprecedented network performance and security for a broad range of IP connections. Our customers, in turn, enjoy the value brought by significantly higher operating efficiencies, total “privacy” of application data and ensured protection of endpoints using traditional and next generation networks.