Aunigma Unveils Software Defined Perimeter Solution

Fall 2014. After many months of development in stealth mode, Aunigma announces release of the first fully compliant Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) software defined perimeter (SDP) solution. This security framework differs from traditional fixed perimeters in that application owners have the ability to deploy and control perimeter functionality where needed—on the Internet, in the cloud, at a hosting center, on a corporate intranet or across some of all of these locations. SDPs provide access to application infrastructure only after devices are authenticated and authorized.

The basic concepts of SDP functionality have been incorporated into Aunigma’s technology from the beginning of R&D originally conducted at Auburn University. Aunigma has expanded Auburn’s initial work into a patented combination of security and IP transport protocols and mechanisms called PacketLok™. This core technology enables full implementation of an SDP by relying on security methods that do not rely on SSL/TLS, IPSec, digital certificates or public keys.

During Second Quarter this year Aunigma will announce further details on the new SDP