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Unparalleled Security & Protection

Aunigma has devised a revolutionary DDoS mitigation and dynamic white-listing firewall authentication solution that prevents external hacking or cyber-disruptions. Our drop-in stealth solution is built upon a unique filtering mechanism that automatically changes for every frame (OSI Layer 2 digital data transmission unit), thus ensuring all requests are legitimately authenticated before the real-time firewall white list is logically updated. So, whether the bad guys are using current or zero day exploits, our solution is attack-proof and maintains network communications even under the most formidable threats, letting in only the authenticated users!

Unprecedented Ease of Management

Aunigma’s ANS FabriX™ solution provides unmatched security and ease of management while leaving you free to orchestrate your network any way necessary. We directly support MacOS, Linux, and Microsoft systems (physical or virtualized, e.g. Azure, Rackspace, AWS) and offer unique coverage for legacy systems. Our ANS Agents are all software based and don’t require dedicated hardware on supported systems. Additionally, ANS FabriX supports your existing network configurations and topology, so you don’t have to make expensive changes. The solution deploys without implementation disruptions to your existing network operations, thus minimizing business risk(s).


ANS FabriX delivers unparallelled access control for all endpoints within an organization’s network. Never before has the IT world had available a single solution that delivers a holistic set of security, connectivity, event notification and administration features in real-time.

ANS FabriX is Aunigma’s core technology for next generation intranet and Internet networking:

  • Unbreakable network access control, DoS/DDoS and intrusion protection

  • Stealth and moving target endpoint defenses

  • Drop in solution to existing operations

  • Real-time ad-hoc connectivity and control

  • Real-time and definable event notification

  • High availability and scalable topology

  • Cloud, mobile and data center compatible

What others say about us:

Hypersecurity Labs

The PacketLok product was deemed secure and, when put to the test, has lived up to the claims made by the product manufacturer in every reasonable respect. It has proven itself to be one of the more reliable products we have tested to date.

Hypersecurity Labs
NSA Official

Let me recap what was just presented… Packet-by-packet dynamic authentication at wire-speed… Well, that’s magic!

NSA Official
France Telecom

From an attacker point of view, the client uses dynamic ports that cannot be guessed with usual network scanning tool…; this stealth property is very important for the endpoint security. Even if an attacker is able to eavesdrop the connection (and thus learn the dynamic ports) it cannot pass the filtering stage because the filter value changes at each frame in an unpredictable way for an eavesdropper…

France Telecom
Orange Labs

The only ‘possible’ attack we foresee on the system is from insider attackers where a large number of compromised endpoints (botnet) would send valid frame to the server. However, this attack remains theoretical because, since each endpoint is authenticated, it would be easy to block (at the network level) for each faulty endpoint.

Orange Labs

Lock Out Threats, Unlock Resources

Our Technology

provides universal protection without relying on today’s broken methodologies.

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